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The purpose of this site “Yoshiko Yoshino Memorial Museum” is to contribute so that Yoshiko’s Haiku become much more popular in the world and to support one who is endeavoring to attain Yoshiko’s aim of Haiku. This site was founded by Yoshiko Yoshino and is being developed by ones who continue to realize her wish. We wish that you would watch this site with warm heart and join to develop it as far as you could.

the rignht photo is published in KURENAI:Crimson(1956)

Yoshiko Yoshino Memorial Museum is housing Yoshiko's works, reference materials, Yoshiko's HAIKU Magazine HOSHI, manuscripts, souvenirs, collections of haiku, books about haiku. Those are opened to the public.

Opening hours:Monday through Friday, 9:30-12:30


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「About Yoshiko Yoshino」・・・Yoshiko Yoshino's personal history
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「Mail Order」・・・Order for Yoshiko Yoshino's Works
「The World of Yoshiko Yoshino」・・・Yoshiko's slab with a haiku cut on it and Visualized by Prof. Dr. Friedrich Lachmayer and Yoshiko's haiku got into a newspaper.
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